The Hand of Hate

for Marcy Howard

Every day, you turn on the news, death, is everywhere,
But is your, indignation, a true sign, that you might care,
Manipulation, with rhetoric, politician’s,  lies and smoke,
Don’t cure the problems, don’t fix, what is broke,
Stop clouding, the issues, offer up a real, cure,
Instead, of innuendos, and the pretense, you know for sure.
You’ve made wealth, all important, with greed, running the show,
Each year, it remains, and with inaction, only grows,
Throughout, our world, across, our land, a gun, enforces, peace,
Until we embrace the truth, the violence, will not cease,
If, a gun, is your deterrent, by that, you live and die,
And when innocents, are slaughtered, don’t pretend, you don’t know why.
Teach, other answers, shout the victim’s name,
Stop, the propaganda, that the gun, is to blame,
The answer, isn’t taking guns, it’s changing, the real cause,
For your posturing, changes nothing, the answer, isn’t applause,
Attitudes and thoughts, make our citizens die,
Not the cold steel, of a gun, or the politician’s lie.
The answer, isn’t an easy thing, if life, means less and less,
The object, isn’t guilty, it’s people, who transgress,
A person, pulls the trigger, perpetuated hate, runs free,
Taking away, their pacifier, just won’t make them see,
This problem, isn’t new, It’s been happening, for years,
And in the past, it’s been ignored, yet now, you use the tears.
We were created, by rebellion, achieved, with a gun,
Because the thought, was for all, with freedom, what we won,
We must make people, important, not, that dollar bill,
Even though, money’s important, something else, should instill,
That everyone, is equal, that action, can not wait,
And nothing, will change, until, we erase the hand of hate.



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