Can you feel the things I feel,
Have you ever even tried,
Can you hear the screams at night,
Or the tears each night I’ve cried,
Is there pain written on my face,
Or is it a thing that none can see,
Does a key exist to unlock the heart,
Or is it in the mind only free.
Can you understand the things important,
That I’ve struggled with for years,
And as my dreams whisper in the night,
Am I the only one who hears,
Can a heart find something real,
And get lost in holding on,
As others pretend it never was,
But for me it’s never gone.
Can we see but never feel,
By our perceptions are we somehow blind,
Looking for what we already have,
While thinking it’s something we can’t find,
Can there be a guiding light,
For the emotions that we feel,
That only illuminates what’s inside,
Yet proves that love is real.
Can we think at certain times,
That no one else believes,
That all we have are pieces,
A life littered with broken dreams,
Is there a way that we can show,
We’re far from what’s believed,
Do we have a need to ourselves defend,
The perceptions by which others are deceived.
Can we see that information,
Could be the beginning of our demise,
And if you don’t really want to believe,
Should my expression be one of surprise,
Are we controlled by what others desire,
Do we know what others think,
Can we ignore the fact we don’t care,
As each day love forges another link.
Can you believe you know what I feel,
Though your questions you never asked,
And are your thoughts concerning me,
By a flow of gossip masked,
Can you see past the tip of your nose,
When I say that love is still mine,
Can you believe that love for you still’s real,
And that love, forever is mine.

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