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Love Life

to marcy howard

When you look, in the mirror, who is it, that you see,
The person you are, or the person, you’d like to be,
Is love what you have, or something, for which you long,
And if it finally, comes along, will you call it, right or wrong.
And if the day comes, that your love, goes through a test,
Will it continue strong, or stop, to take a rest,
Love does not demand, but it encompasses all,
It can not burn, yet it’s heat, can enthrall.
Love, is not something, you can hold, in your hand,
But, it’s as real, as fine white sand,
Love, sends a message, but possesses no voice,
For emotion is something, in which, there’s no choice.
What if, you’ve never known, this powerful emotion,
Would trials and tribulations, test your true devotion,
Love can not be forced, it travels, a narrow lane,
Love, can make bad good, or turn pleasure, into pain,
Love requires work, as does anything, worthwhile,
And if you toil, without love, each foot, becomes a mile,
Maybe, this love was hidden, but I always knew it was there,
You’re the woman, who brought it out, made me a man, who cares.
And if the woman, that you love, who you know, loves you,
Thinks, it’s all wrong, will you do, what you have to do,
Love, is not chained to you, it resides, deep within,
And though, you may not realize, it’s something, that’s always been.



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