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When a star falls from the heavens,
Does it leave any sort of trace,
Is dust deposited by it’s trail,
Or is it gone from every place,
With it’s singular beauty,
That twinkles like a gem,
Once it leaves it’s place in the sky,
Can it reappear again.
Stars are the stuff dreams are made of,
So far but at times so near,
A dream wrapped up in a sparkle,
Devoid of any fear,
Is a star some sort of compound,
That with it our dreams are made,
And if that stardust is sprinkled,
Are dreams magically replayed.
If stardust is a magical substance,
Can it become a lover’s face,
And if you’re left to stand alone,
Can we attain the dreams we chase,
Stardust could become the glue,
To solidify our pieces of dreams,
To make love forever complete,
And silence all our screams.
If stardust were sprinkled on a dream,
Could it make that dream come true,
Transporting me to that time and place,
Where these empty arms hold you,
For years as children we wish on stars,
And we marvel at their twinkle,
All it would take to hold you close,
Would be just a little sprinkle.
Stardust sparkles when touched by light,
Like the stars twinkling in the sky,
Dreams that live high above,
Kept alive in loving eyes,
A sprinkle here and a sprinkle there,
And love’s held inside our dreams,
And though invisible in the day,
In the moonlight stardust streams.
Sometimes dreams are held aloft,
By the effort of a heart,
And stardust creates that magic,
A place for a dream to start,
Love is magical on it’s own,
And tears water what they must,
Dreams and love are still alive,
Made real by bright stardust.

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