Love Lives

To Marcy Howard

I have thought many times;about this woman I need,
Knowing that she feels the same;yet tries to make me bleed,
Since the day we first met; my hearts no longer mine,
You took it away with you when you left this time.
Obsession is a word used;for an unrealistic desire,
To have someone in your life;their presence you require,
I do not think of what I had;because I have her still,
I hold you in my arms; and you know I always will.
Reasons for these events; there is only one,
I hold on to what was found;not the things thought done,
Who you are is the important thing ;and what we mean to each,
As we struggle with our hearts;can our loneliness teach.
I’m never one now; yet you’re in another place,
But that doesn’t deter a heart; that only sees one face,
As you try to push me away;remember things we did,
Remember that the love is real;and it was never hid.
You and I need the other;we need what each gives,
Complimenting what loves done;while determining how it lives,
Our souls searched through a sea of pain:and through  all the broken dreams.
You are mine forever more;as love’s must what it seems.



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