What Matters


It seems these days we use other people,
To asess what things we want,
Letting our minds conjure up,
All the fears that taunt,
Instead of following the things inside,
Those things that make us feel,
We take hold of other’s thoughts,
Blinded to what is real.
We want the things that make us happy,
But does the desire come from within.
Or does it come from things we hear,
Is the mind where fear begins,
It’s not about the clothes we wear,
Or even the car we drive,
It’s not the things that other’s have,
It’s those things we try to hide.
Insecurities belong to everyone,
We all have hopes and dreams,
Is the desire to have them our own,
Or is that how we make it seem,
Things will come and things will go,
As the past exerts it’s grip,
But there are things we all should see,
Even skeletons can trip.
Close your eyes and really think,
What matters most to you,
And with the answers from your heart,
The desires then are true,
It’s not about the things we want,
It’s about the things we need,
And every day without you,
Is a day that this heart bleeds.

March 27th,2016

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