Rain Away


Rain is falling and it cools the air,
It eases the summer’s heat,
And as life goes on around us,
Tomorrow lies at our feet,
Lightning bolts soon fill the sky,
And rain comes pouring down,
Thunder is the sound we hear,
A storms accompanying frown.
Wind blows the rain around,
While the trees look like they’re walking,
And as the thunder roars again,
Is it somehow the heart thats talking,
Water flows in rivulets,
And it flows to creeks and streams,
Always seeming to run away.
Kind of like lost dreams.
As we look at the puddles,
Which ebb and flow in size,
Blue skies show on the horizon,
Signal the storm’s demise,
As water runs down an upturned face,
It’s eyes are tightly closed,
For in the rain the water hides,
The tears that can not flow.
Though rain may hide a falling tear,
And its cooling to the skin,
As the rain makes us soaking wet,
A fire still burns within,
A lightning bolt might split the sky,
Or thunder may fill the air,
Immersed in liquid from head to toe,
Its just our hearts we fear.
Some might think it strange or odd,
To like being in the rain,
But its just like taking a shower or bath,
Instead of dirt we wash away pain,
With the flow of the raindrops,
A heart can see blue skies,
As it keeps alive emotions held,
Though only evident in the eyes.
The rain begins to slow its pace,
The storm it appears will end,
A gentle breeze begins to flow,
And sunlight soon descends,
Though the rain soaks everything,
Like tears it all will dry,
But love it seems is waterproof,
And lives in a heart’s blue sky.

July 8th,2016

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