to Marcy Howard

There are things, in this life, that we pretend, we do not see,
Wrapped inside, your beliefs, and the, thoughts, struggling, to be free,
We have the things, that we want, or so, we seem to think,
Hand in hand, arm in arm, a memory, is our link.
You, are, the hope, I hold, heart, linked to heart,
As, reality, smiles at me, will the mind, let us start,
Something real, does not die, it lives inside, your soul,
And when, you do not, have it close, as a person, you’re not whole.
Blame, does not exist, in everything, it takes two,
As our dream, remains alive, my saving grace, is you,
Though some, may think, there’s no such thing, as a fantasy, that’s alive,
It’s believing, who we are, and the things, we hold inside.
So many things, can control, the person, that you are,
And as, you have, no one to hold, memories, must go far,
No matter, what, the fates allow, reality, shines, right through,
You’re the person, that I need, my future, only YOU.
                Love, Life, The dream lives on, Love lives .



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