Momentary Mercy

To Marcy Howard

Every day I think of you;though awake the moments a blur,
As the nightmares in the dark;make the day unsure,
Though embedded in this soul;its us that matters most,
With a dream now come true;our short trip to the coast.
Every moment I’ve had with you;makes me want you more,
As a mirror hides the fact; of what these tears are for,
Though at times I feel alone;to you I’m forever bound,
While I hold you in this heart; with this silence a deafening sound.
Each day I look for you;its in a dream that’s torn,
Searching for your beautiful eyes;and the smile that was worn,
Memory comes inside closed eyes;your picture in my mind,
And though I’ll search through the years; there’s nothing left to find.
I need you to rescue me; I need you to make me whole,
Each day is a moment found;and at night I pay my toll,
Yet as the day winds slowly down; its you that is my light,
And while I need you through the day;I need you more each night.
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