To Marcy Howard

Emotions  take us far and wide,
Sometimes  forward, sometimes back,
Giving us things that we desire,
Or things we have become our lack,
They can be wrapped in darkness,
Or bathed in shining light,
They can fuel those dreams and goals,
That visit us in the night.
In the course of our emotions,
We think and we feel,
Contemplating things we found,
Questioning is love real,
Our emotions have a direction,
Steered by our hearts it’s true,
And through the course of many miles,
This heart reaches out for you.
Emotions brought us together,
And excuses just aren’t enough,
Living apart the motion’s gone,
Heartfelt pain we know is tough,
Emotions put us together,
And motion puts us here,
While without you there’s no motion,
The only motion, our falling tears.
.       Only you!!!



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