Anything Else

To Marcy Howard

You can say what you want,
Think what you will,
Try anything you can think of,
No matter, I love you still,
You can believe anything,
But how about belief in me,
And point your finger if you want,
I’ll pretend  I can not see.
We’ve been here before my friend,
Even talked about the pain,
Yet now we take that ride again,
On memories pulling train,
Even with the ride we’ve had,
There are those we haven’t taken,
As hearts in tatters we know well,
We’re used to the constant breaking.
Every effort that we’ve made,
Is to push the other away,
But in the darkness, late at night,
Our dreams come out to play,
The dreams make real, the grasp of pain,
And we each wear it so well,
While living away from each others arms,
Makes heaven, a living hell.
.       You!!!!



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