Which Part of Me

To Marcy Howard

Every person is a complex thing,
Both on the inside and what’s out,
And when you saw me standing there,
Who were you thinking about,
When I stepped off that elevator,
In that long black leather coat,
Was it me you fell in love with,
Or words you never wrote.
You know I would have never said,
The things I felt for you,
Because of things that were going on,
Yet two hearts knew what to do,
And while the clock slowly ticked,
I gave you all of me,
As we found soul mates in each,
But the price was far from free.
I gave to you apart of me,
That there’s no way you can give back,
And now it feels lonely here,
As your memory attacks,
Every day I wonder why,
And which part you really wanted,
While I have this endless dream,
And the feeling that I’m haunted.
A part of me wants to hate you,
Yet there’s no way that I can,
I found forever in your arms,
And on that one thing I will stand,
Though now a part of me is gone,
The future still will be,
And though we love each and every day,
What was it you really wanted, all or part of me.
    Only you.



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