Night and Day

To Marcy Howard

I need you tomorrow, yet I also need you today,
Because without you in my life, tomorrow’s taken away,
Each day is just an exercise, in keeping hope alive,
As love is the binding force, waiting for you to arrive.
In the night the dream’s alive, it’s you that I hold,
Yet every morning when I wake, alone it’s bitter cold,
While in the dream you’re next to me, paradise does exist,
But hell lives in the daylight, with this dream I can’t resist.
I waited for so long, to find what I found with you,
Now that the search is over, there’s only one thing left to do,
To hold on to the discovery, that we found one night,
Believing in the daytime, that we found something right.
So I wait here in the day, as a sunset leaves with a scream,
As the day holds silence, and the night this endless dream,
Love each day survives, and its never in the way,
It lives inside the night, and lives through every day.



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