Crystal Ball

To Marcy Howard

As you gaze into the eyes, that stare back from the mirror,
Do the tears that you see, make the future any clearer,
Are there times when you wish, the past would let you go,
And if we had some crystal ball, maybe then you’d know.
If you looked into that ball, and saw all the things you’ve wanted,
Would the scars of the past, add to your feeling haunted,
A crystal ball might tell of things, that in the future might occur,
But those events already gone, are what make happiness unsure.
It might help to see ahead, yet that sights conditioned by the past,
As the future means nothing at all, in the shadows memories cast,
Even if you see ahead, what of the chains that bind the soul,
While the images in the crystal ball, do nothing to make us whole.
Any mirror into which you look, is the same as a crystal ball,
Because in the eyes you can see, you can see it all,
And as you see the trails made, by those falling tears,
The future is the image seen, and what the heart can hear.
       Only you!!



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