Heart Scream


Looking out across a landscape,
Now soaked with days of rain,
The raindrops add to the thought,
I’m tired of this pain,
The moisture chills me to the bone,
Each step more than exercise,
And though nothing seems to be stirring,
I can feel, the heart’s still alive.
The task at hand is forgetting,
Yet it’s a task I can not do,
Every effort is futile,
The only image I see is you,
I’ve even tried another’s arms,
An empty gesture at best,
Because every night in my dreams,
You’re the beating in my chest.
Through the sodden picture,
And through the sheets of rain,
I travel towards the memories,
With the emotions that remain,
It’s like traveling across a ocean,
No land anywhere in sight,
All the while wondering,
Is love my only light.
Do memories dull the scenery,
No the opposite is true,
Though the path at times is lost,
I know mine leads straight to you,
Holding on isn’t giving up,
Though some sure disagree,
But all the things I found with you,
Are still important to me.
By no means is it easy,
To, by sheer will keep love alive,
When it seems no one believes,
That it still grows somewhere inside,
Does the rain somehow add clarity,
To a dream I’m powerless to resist,
With love the exclamation point,
To all the heart insists.
The rainy gloomy weather,
That chills these aching bones,
Washes all the doubt away,
To show that love has grown,
The past becomes the present,
And love is more than a dream,
And in the pieces of a broken heart,
We hear love’s anguished screams.

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