A starry sky is unveiled at night,
Points of light amid the darkness,
And in the contrast of light and dark,
Which one is made of starkness,
Does one become more important,
Making the other seem less,
Yet with the absence of either one,
To the past do we regress.
Both hold out uncertain lure,
That reflects a heart’s condition,
Yet we allow the mind control,
Confusing the heart’s position,
When we look up at the darkened sky,
We see the points of light,
Memories then carry us away,
And a heart continues it’s fight.
Though the stars are so far away,
They’re a pattern for our lives,
Light that reaches through the dark,
And all the mind denies,
During the daylight we can not see,
The stars though we know theyre there,
And if theyre likened to our dreams,
Into the darkness then we stare.
At times we see a falling star,
That dream that falls to earth,
And as we toil with heavy loads,
Can the soul attain rebirth,
Though a star may seem to fade,
For lifetimes it’s light exists,
And the points of light inside a life,
Are those things that still persist.
Looking back through our lives,
Is like looking at a night time sky,
The blackness being our fallen dreams,
And the stars dreams still alive,
The soul might be a cold dark place,
And a heart could be in pieces,
But the weightless nature of what we feel,
Insures love never ceases.
As stars gather in the heavens,
Against a background of total black,
Things that live inside the heart,
Are things we can’t take back,
Love becomes our starlight,
A dream that never dies,
You’re the star in this darkness,
And that love’s this starry sky.

November 2nd,2016

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