Of The Night

To Marcy Howard

The night time holds its mystery,
And its secrets that unfold,
As the day time holds its pain,
But in my dreams its you I hold,
In the darkness there is little thought,
The subconscious is alive,
As we think through the day,
At night the heart decides.
The night holds shadows and darkened woods,
Yet there’s still so much to see,
The moon shines down and lights the way,
So the heart can wander free,
In the darkness our dream is real,
And actually its our light,
As we live in memories,
That come alive in the night.
If in the darkness I hold you,
It would only improve if in the day,
As the sunrise spreads its light,
But the light is in the way,
Until I hold you in these arms,
My life is less than complete,
As I await the night times grasp.
And each night its you I meet.
     Only you.



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