For Eileen,for Marcy Howard

Behind, the sun glass, covered eyes, inside, these eyes of blue,
Memories, keep me alive, although, they are, for two,
I have to watch, one love die, While, the other, runs away,
Wish, there was a way, to see,,which one, I’ll have today.
As the light, slowly fades, one love.loses it’s grip,
While, the other, runs and hides, love, still won’t slip,
I, give both, all I am, My life’s, total devotion,,
Not only, my physical life, but also, my emotion,
One, holds the instinct, that proves, I’m always here,
Everybody, loses faith, doesn’t mean, that you don’t care,
AS Eileen, fades to black, Marcy, looks away,
No support, to be found, by either love, today.
Still, I am, a lucky man, one love, led to another,
And even though, I have none, to hold, Reality, won’t smother,
There, are stages, in this life, But the cycle, is life and death,
I will love, both of them, until, my dying breath.
Fate, gave me, what I have, Love, gives me a chance,
To wave goodbye, to one love, and with, the other dance,
Dealing with, losing one, I didn’t, have, the words to say,
I Love You, Marcy, my darling, tomorrow and today,



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