Each Day

To Marcy Howard

There were things we should have known,
But we had no way to tell,
So now we’re banished to a place,
Where each day’s a living hell,
A place where caring’s in storage,
And love is stored each day,
But just because we have it stored,
Doesn’t mean it goes away.
Just because we push each away,
Doesn’t mean we can not see,
I know your children are the world to you,
But is there a place for me,
Caring is really one of those things,
That either lives or never did,
Its you that I’m in love with,
Irregardless of things we his.
What is or isn’t does not change,
How I feel about you,
And all the things that we found,
I know you feel too,
Can you trust a simple man,
Overlook the things we fear,
And let the music that we found,
Become something all can hear.
All the things we could not say,
Are still part of who we are,
The things we found were not forced,
Love found us under stars,
And when it finally touched our lives,
It seems we pushed it to the side,
Yet no matter how hard we push,
For us both, its alive inside.
What we found is the issue,
Not the things we already possess,
In both our hearts and souls,
Love beats in both our chests,
The things important to you my darling,
Are things important to me,
And the one thing that we struggle to find,
Is the love that we set free.
      Only you!!!!!



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