Passion’s Post


A letter’s written with no thought to send,
Is it a way to gather thoughts,
A passionate plea to another,
But a stamp was never bought,
Words flow onto the paper,
Emotion with no mistakes,
A part of the overall process,
Gathering the pieces of a heartbreak.
Shattered dreams lie on the floor,
And some seem like tattered rags,
While some swirl like a tornado,
Captured on a paper bag,
Fear becomes a demon,
Whose tail stretches through the years,
Wondering how to put into words,
The saltiness of a tear.
One word holds bright colors,
As rose petals fall to the ground,
As we reassemble the flowers,
But all the pieces can’t be found,
Some phrases seem so inadequate,
To portray a heart’s devotion,
Can a stampless letter,
Hold words that cross an ocean.
Passion stirs the mind to create,
But love is what stokes the fire,
As all the words accumulate,
Yet are those words what we require,
These words seem to tell a story,
Of a heart that lives in hell,
While all the screams to the heavens,
Are a story we can not tell.
If you add the words together,
In the heart what is the sum,
The heart beats with every word,
Becoming a silent drum,
Though the letter might not be sent,
These words have more to say,
The words travel through time and space,
To show love will have it’s say.

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