I Can Hear


In the darkness a voice softly whispers,
And I strain my ears to hear,
A voice that whispers nightly,
Surrounded by fragments of tears,
Sometimes the voice is shaking,
It trembles with all it feels,
Though at first it seems to be a dream,
My heart assures it’s real.
I’m asked if I feel lonely,
Because the voice is lonely too,
As all the things I feel right now,
Deep down I know are true,
It speaks of heaven in the darkness,
Under pale moonlight,
With a familiarity that’s frightening,
Yet a tone that says it’s right.
I can hear the words softly flowing,
And it’s as if we’re cheek to cheek,
A fragrance of pears is flowing,
With a memory that leaves me weak,
I feel a touch on my shoulder,
And I turn to find no one there,
Seeing the room is empty,
The heart sheds a single tear.
Silent words are a hearts messenger,
And they ask why I hold on,
As I reply to the nothingness,
Love has never been gone,
I’m told to pick up the pieces,
That in reality I’m not alone,
One day we’ be together,
If I hold the things I’ve been shown.
In the moments the voice hesitates,
I can feel that she’s reaching out,
Probing this heart for weakness,
But she finds it has no doubt,
I feel the sun on my face,
And I know that she walks in the sun,
I can tell that she feels lonely,
But she’s not the only one.
All the things she is feeling,
At that moment I feel too,
And in response to the silent whispers,
I assure her this love is true,
Mirrored emotions surround us,
We communicate over the miles,
I can hear the words she says to me,
I can hear that our hearts still smile.

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