Power Of

To Marcy Howard

Power surges through the air, fire lights the sky,
As hell opens up its gates, to let loose the soul inside,
Ghosts fly from the depths, to clash with angels soaring,
While mortal eyes watch the scene, and the sound becomes a roaring,
A man emerges with features blurred, the hearts attention is diverted,
Fire spreads where he walks, and the nights are then converted.
Pains the fire that lights the sky, it lives inside his soul,
Freedoms now a foreign word, as love can only make him whole,
Rage abides somewhere within, but love is its control,
And in the blackness, good and evil clash, with his sentence to impose.
Fire spreads to all he touches, as he’s left to watch it burn,
There is no light to penetrate, this darkness that he’s earned,
Now the past comes back to life, but not the pleasant parts,
And the only thing there is to blame, is a two time broken heart.
Love began some time ago, and its fire spread to the bone,
Feeling pain inside the soul, and hell becomes his home,
Love provides ample fuel, to burn until his death,
And though the fire has its pain, it burns brighter with every breath.
Love means something to this man, and to love I now confess,
Knowing that the love is real, makes the fire each day progress,
And while I slowly twist and burn, there’s one thing I can say,
The flames can’t touch the heart inside, because love lives every day.
     Only you.



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