Shine To


At times it’s possible to only exist,
In a swirling maelstrom of thought,
Among the long held hopes and dreams,
And the tenuous hold they’ve bought,
I see a path between the stars,
As it beckons from the night,
While with the things we hold inside,
With love our only light.
The moonlight seems to cascade down,
It’s source so far away,
As all the stars are here then gone,
Yet they have so much to say,
While we ponder the reasons for,
All those things we feel,
Enamored by the world around,
As we see love is all that’s real.
Darkness holds uncertain comfort,
As the shadows hold our path,
Consequences at times unseen,
While we’re lost in inner wrath,
Still our dreams reach out to us,
And it’s the heart that clearly hears,
As love remains alive inside,
And it flows freely with our tears.
Our steps at times seem to multiply,
The reasons for our pain,
And in the darkness as we reach out,
Are our dreams what we attain,
If we look out across a moonlit sea,
Do we only see the waves,
Somehow failing to realize,
It’s only love that saves.
The stars we see send their light down,
To caress our ailing souls,
Somehow seeming to fill in,
The wounds and gaping holes,
At times our hearts seem stricken blind,
And our eyes no longer see,
That hope can be a driving force,
Yet it’s love that sets free.
As we look up we raise our arms,
The hearts voice then screams out loud,
Knowing relief will surely come,
If it’s love that we’ve allowed,
The night time sky at times holds clouds,
And for our lives that’s also true,
Though clouds may shroud the moonlight,
If we permit it, love can still shine through.

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