Give and Take

To Marcy Howard

I am not the greatest man, and never will I be,
I hold things deep inside, that none will ever see,
Now I’ve found that perfect mate, yet she runs away in fear,
Not because of what we found, but the whispers in her ear,
She took a wounded broken heart, yet she tried to give it back,
Saying it was because of me, but it appears the past attacked.
Because of others she hides her heart, yet she gave so much to me,
Yet is it now an empty dream, that we gave away for free,
Free becomes an empty word, for everything has its cost,
And though we have so much now, look at all that’s lost,
I was willing to risk it all, all I am is what I give,
But the flip side of fate’s little coin, is I now need you to live.
Sure at times anger lives, the flip side to that cent,
As all memories come alive, and our future we prevent,
We took each others hearts for free, yet what is sacrificed,
A heart can not be given back, neither can the advice,
I honestly don’t want mine back, its yours and yours alone,
Once we gave our hearts to each, mine I no longer own.
Pictures were taken, to possibly prevent, the past from taking hold,
Yet now we hold this pain inside, and there’s no such thing as cold,
While hope is kept alive somehow, is it what we both take,
Or is it now a useless dream, but its what our hearts can make,
Love was found, a true soulmate, that alone makes it all worthwhile,
And whether it is give or take, I’ll wait here with a smile.
          Only you.



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