To Marcy Howard

If you were stuck in quicksand,
What is it that you could do,
If you struggle then you die,
And I think my quicksand’s you,
Ive tried to walk away,
Even tried to run,
Nothing ever seems to work,
And now the heart is done.
The body is not stuck you see,
Its the heart and mind that sink,
Now attached to another soul,
Stuck without a drink,
Is this fate inevitable,
To love, yet stand alone,
And as we struggle in this sand,
I believe in all you’ve shown.
From the memories there’s no escape,
And with the memories we may drown,
Or do those memories keep us afloat,
As b life tries to pull us down,
Surely we need air to breath,
We need the air to survive,
And as the heart keeps beating,
It’s you keeping me alive.
Quicksand is those things in life,
That conspire to change our will,
And struggling through this life alone,
It’s you that I love still,
Can this quicksand be a good thing,
As we strive to break free,
And with the thought that I found you,
This quicksand proves you found me.
At times we wish things never happened,
Though qe’re also glad they did,
Holding on to the belief,
You’re worth more than what was hid,
I grow accustomed to this sand,
I’m complacent with my fate,
And as we struggle through this pain,
Each day tomorrow can not wait.



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