To Marcy Howard

In your effort to push me away,
There’s something you ignore,
You are doing the very things,
That you pretended to deplore.
I still read your letters,
And remember things you said,
What do you tell yourself,
When you lie alone in bed.
You can tell me that you hate me,
Yet we both know its a lie,
As the thing we created,
Is alive and can not die.
This isn’t the first time,
That you turned and ran,
And no matter your excuse,
You still love this man.
Stop trying to understand,
Or question what we found,
It doesn’t change a damn thing,
Excuses are all around.
We’ve already walked this road,
So accept the real emotion,
Someone cares for and needs you,
Stand with your devotion.
You are a special woman,
And its very easy to see,
You’re trying to answer the question,
Why does Lance LOVE me.



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