Another Way


I’ve never been a jealous man,
Yet in some ways I might be,
When I think you’re holding him,
Instead of holding me,
While I look at this situation,
I wonder about the word free,
Imprisoned by a broken heart,
Is pain what we now see.
You said I made you feel guilty,
But that guilt came only from you,
A reason was needed to push me away,
Because you feel the same way too,
I believe that you’re protecting yourself,
From the thought emotion turns into pain,
Yet if we deny something good,
Then what is it that remains.
If you push me far enough,
You can hide behind that wall,
Perpetuating the notion,
That we don’t have to feel at all,
Yet in the process of pushing,
At some point will it end,
And when we awake in the morning,
Will it all start over again.
You can call it what you will,
But what does your mirror say,
Can you see you reflection,
Or do tears get in the way,
The acts we commit don’t cause caring,
It’s the person for whom we care,
There’s no way to change the facts,
The mirror sees that inner fear.
There are things that I deserve,
But the same is true for you,
And no matter how much we might deny,
Caring’s either false or true,
Right now I sit here thinking,
Are my instincts somehow wrong,
I believe you feel the same,
But can we let our hearts come along.
We have to hold what we believe,
And trust the things we feel,
Because in this crazy mixed up world,
There’s so little that now is real,
No matter what tomorrow brings,
No matter what games we play,
We can not hide from our hearts,
And our caring is here to stay.

July 12th,2016

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