To Marcy Howard

Marcy, I’ve searched, my entire life,
To, find my way, to you,
And though, I’m here alone,
My need, is showing through,
Days, are just, an endless stream,
Of longing and of need,
And little things, once simple,
Only, make me bleed.
Love, is what, keeps me going,
For, nothing else remains,
I have, to have you, by my side,
To stop, this longing and pain,
I do not care, about the past,
I, only, care about you,
Who you are, right here and now,
And the things, that you go through.
I don’t need, fortune or fame,
I need you, but my side,
I search, the days, for your smile,
To free, those things, we hide,
We searched, for our soul mates,
And each other, we have found,
A soulmate, for forever,
Locked, in Sevenfold’s sound.
Since, my search, is over,
I concentrate, on things, I see,
You’re the woman, that I found,
A woman, made for me,
Chances, were taken, by both of us,
And we, found beautiful things,
Since we both, feel the same,
Love, is what our search brings.
Now, the search, is in my dreams,
Marcy, I search, for you,
And no matter, where I look,
One, is who we are, not two,
We searched. for love, and found it,
No one else, was involved,
And since, we found, each other,
Around you, my life revolves.
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