Silent Solitude


We search for sound with trepidation,
Afraid of what we might hear,
Will our ears be true to us,
If internally full of fear,
Loneliness can take it’s toll,
Can it rob the heart of sound,
And as you ponder by yourself,
Can you remember all we found.
Silent desperation fills the mind,
And without bidding come our thoughts,
We can feel but can we hear,
What holding on has bought,
Laughter heard in a memory,
Thought lost it still is real,
And as I sit here by myself,
Are we surprised that we still feel.
A face becomes a microphone,
The lips move without a sound,
As the mind reaches back through time,
To hold the things our hearts have found,
Moved inside to deeply feel,
A thing we can’t let go,
While every day it seems we see,
Without you loneliness grows.
Alone there’s no one to speak to,
Left alone with our emotion’s appeal,
Though silence surely surrounds us,
With our feelings are we revealed,
Remorse doesn’t cancel emotion,
Happiness survives in the heart,
Though in and among forever,
There’s no paradise when we’re apart.
The fact is there’s something stronger,
That makes living life worth while,
Though standing in darkness all alone,
Can that silence damage a smile,
If you hold something against all odds,
It’s a part of your inner core,
Happiness holds out the memory,
Love is all you’re living for.
Silence might bring emphasis,
To the thought that being alone,
Is just the sound for something found,
That through silence has only grown,
When alone at night you visit dreams,
Though silence may hold you close,
Who your heart belongs to.
Is the love you hold to most.

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