to Marcy Howard

Temporary, madness, picked, my forward motion,
And through, this insanity, I’m robbed, of my devotion,
Through, the choices, that I made, I treated you, unkind,
To treat you, as I did, was never, in my mind.
I gave, you silence, for one whole day, while, questions, weighed us down,
Neither of us, could use, our voice, the, answers, were not found,
I’m sorry for, the way, I behaved, I’m sorry, I was blind,
And with you, somewhere else, I can’t get you, off my mind.
There are things, you don’t understand, and the fault, lies with me,
If, you gave me, half a chance;maybe, you could, see,
I need you, in my life, I need, your love to hold,
I, need to make you warm, not leave you, feeling cold.
I’m sorry for, my mistakes, let me make it, right,
Let me be, the one you hold, throughout, the cold, dark night,
I, have not, turned my back, but now, I’m lost, inside,
And in the darkness, I reach out, to the person, that, I hide,
You, are, the air, I breath, the person, who makes, me whole,
Let me restore, your faith in me, and reunite, our souls,
I’m sorry, let me atone, for those, doubts and fears,
Allow me, to once again, bring laughter, instead of tears,
Please, accept, my apology, let me prove, it all was real,
As, this fountain, of words, pours out, showing, how, I feel,
Before, you, believe the worst, let me try, to show you,
That this heart, is forever yours, and my love, for you, is true.



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