The Call of the Rain


Rain comes down to anoint the ground,
All life needs it to grow,
Though it might need different forms,
From rain to falling snow,
It washes off the dirt and grime,
Yet leaves a residue,
Dulling all it seems to touch,
While allowing thoughts of you.
Spring colors are made crisper,
The colors clean and pure,
Leaving us to wonder,
Can the water mean something more,
Does one raindrop contain all life,
With volume meaning nothing at all,
It’s one direction coming down,
As we call it then rainfall.
The tears of the dark clouds looming,
But are they tears of joy,
With the thunder a baby’s rattle,
The lightning’s well used toy,
Arms are raised towards soggy skies,
As the water runs in streams,
To nourish all that lives inside,
And hide the pieces of dreams.
Thunder echoes silent screams,
That a voice can’t speak out loud,
As all the promises and all the dreams,
Seem held within a cloud,
A flash of lightning reveals a path,
That was never taken before,
As every raindrop seems an echo,
Of the thought each day I need her more.
The raindrops water everything,
All we feel and all we fear,
And every raindrop has a voice,
But is it only our hearts that hear,
Rain may soak us from head to foot,
But the hopes and dreams don’t drown,
And as long as rain falls from the sky,
It just waters the love we found.
To much water the plant will die,
While light and water make it grow,
And with our tears that sometimes fall,
In the eyes love always shows,
Rain may fall in blowing waves,
It might seem it will never end,
Yet the raindrops seem to have a voice,
That whispers, love your heart defends.

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