To Marcy Howard

Every day you’re in my thoughts;and you live inside my dreams
As you pretend you do not care;your words not what they seem,
You condemn me for what you hid; yet I’m guilty of  my crime,
We actually have our lives; with promises lost in time.
All of that doesn’t matter; for its love that we share,
Every day you’re my other half;every day you’re right here,
Do all the things you must; because I can not love you more,
And through the pain that we endure;this love’s an open door.
Every day I’m amazed with you;but do you know I see,
Through all the unseen tears; that you really do love me,
Every day you’re here with me;and I know I’m there with you,
It shows in all you say; the belief in what you do.
You can tell me what you wish;I’m in love with who you are,
And your words don’t change the fact;you’re my nights shining star,
Every day, my heart is yours;every day its you I need,
And every word that you say;proves its love indeed.
       I know.



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