The Help of Hope


What is left if all seems gone,
Should we hang our heads and cry,
Should we consult our mirror,
To see what lives inside the eyes,
If we hold the question what went wrong,
Are answers what we should expect,
Or do the questions just multiply,
As any faith we then reject.
Should we look into our souls,
Hoping for some assistance,
Or do we hang on to the scars,
Is the hearts met with resistance,
Are the answers that we reach for,
Living somewhere inside,
So when we look at outward things,
Are our answers then denied.
Do we approach each coming day,
With the thought it will be the same,
Do we give up on the future,
Believing it’s all a game,
Is all we have the present moment,
If we know so much is gone,
The things that happened yesterday,
Still have hope that rides along.
If someone stops to tell you,
That your life has been all wrong,
Should you still hold on to hope,
And believe that it’s your song,
Can something be so important,
That you can never let it go,
I’m sure you know the answer’s yes,
Though invisible it can still grow,
Hope helps keep some things alive,
It can be the only thing you have left,
It seems to have it’s own true beat,
Like the beating in your chest,
Hope can help the heart to live,
It helps the eyes to see,
That holding on to love you found,
Means the hearts keeps beating free.
Hope can be a driving force,
That fuels an all important dream,
It can help keep love alive,
And prevent the mind’s loud screams,
Hope can make life worth living,
When it helps keep love alive,
And with the assistance of hope,
The heart has nothing to decide.

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