The Key to Complete


Throughout our lives we’ve been told,
There’s a fine line between love and hate,
Who the hell came up with that,
It either is or it ain’t,
Seems these days we need other voices,
To tell us how we should feel,
Instead of listening to our hearts,
That inside, know what is real.
Advice is not what we should do,
It’s what the person giving it would,
You have to think of motives there,
Are you doing what they never could,
Courage comes in all shapes and forms,
But somewhere we added locks,
And every moment that passes by,
Becomes a dream dashed on the rocks.
We have the key to happiness,
But have we locked the key away,
The mind has built a vault for it,
And the heart has lost its say,
Words and whispers from others,
Complete the emotional lock,
And the pnly thing running freely,
Is the ticking of the clock.
Here and there we touch our dreams,
Yet who is it that others see,
Do they see who we are,
Or the person we pretend is free,
If our hearts are locked away,
Nothing then is real,
The mind controls the forward path,
The heart no longer feels.
If we close our eyes and think,
What picture do we see,
Every time I close these eyes,
It’s uou that comes to me,
Walls or locks can not hide,
The emotions we know true,
And no matter where life might go,
You hold me and I hold you!

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