Harpoons and Hearts

to marcy howard

As you search for happiness, in a sea, of broken dreams,
Can you hold it together, or will it, unravel at the seams,
Happiness, can be fleeting, can leave and never return,
Or, can live forever, in those dreams, that always burn.
In that search, for happiness, do you use, your head or heart,
Do you stop searching, if an ending, overshadows the start,
Is that dream realistic, does the possiblity exist,
That, fulfillment of a fantasy, is something you resist.
A heart, is a funny thing, if broken, it might heal,
But as the scars solidify, the mind makes it real,
Events, can condition you, to push away, those things, you try to reach,
And maybe, if you’re lucky, these events can also teach,
A heart, must be free, not held, by unseen chains,
And if your heart, feels love, it’s never washed away, by rain,
As you float, amongst your dreams, the heart, always beats on,
And the seed of love, never, will be gone.
The seach may never end, and who knows, what you will find,
Because this love is real, and lives, in heart and mind,
Recognize, what is true, wait, for your restart,
And know that love can be, both harpoons and hearts.



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