The Price

To Marcy Howard

The head is held with trembling hands,
As the heart just rides along,
While the memories come flooding in,
Stirred by a familiar song,
The memories live every day,
But reminders make them evident,
As the bottle half empty now,
Just makes the pain more prevalent.
Inside the head pressure builds,
Maybe one day it might end,
As the memories of your touch,
Are the memories this heart defends,
There is no way to plot a course,
If the course is shrouded by clouds,
And all the thoughts held inside,
Are useless to say aloud.
So every day on a written page,
It all comes pouring out,
And though the pain is clearly seen,
Pain is not what love’s about,
Its clear this love keeps me alive,
Though maybe I shouldn’t make a sound,
Because no matter where we might go,
Love still sticks around.
Pain is not a thing to hold,
It just controls a troubled mind,
And as I hold what we found,
Its only love I find,
Love is not a negative thing,
Its a positive through and through,
And no matter what I give for love,
Its all good concerning you.
      Only you!!!!



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