Me and You

to Marcy Howard

What, if all, your dreams, held dear, Are finally, realized,
And with, your valiant efforts, the ending, is denied,
The fairy tale, comes alive, but, what’s on, the following page,
As ferns, are all, around you, and a cabin, is the stage.
People, money and things, always, come and go,
The fairy tale, is still alive, in the, future, it will show,
Emotion, has that special place, to touch, a person’s soul,
And if, the fairy tale, has to end, it seems, our love’s, been sold.
Visions and enchantments, belie, the inner, notion,
Pretending, that it’s gone, stop’s love’s, forward motion,
It seems, in this case, I’m the one, locked in the tower,
With, the only thing, to set me free, that single, red flower.
As I look, at a single rose, it’s a symbol, that is real,
But, the person, for which it stands, doesn’t believe, how I feel,
It seems, this very princess, who’s, my fairy tale, come true,
I ask, that you believe;believe, in me and you.
           One LOVE, One LIFE, One CHANCE



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