Seeing With No Eyes

To Marcy Howard

A cage surrounds a broken heart,
To let no others in,
And though a heart may mend itself,
Will the mending ever begin,
Time is said to heal all sounds,
But can it heal a soul,
While the soul controls heart and mind,
It needs its other half to be whole.
A heart has no voice to speak to us,
It’s voice comes from the mind,
But advice confuses what really is,
And jealously becomes unkind,
The heart pumps blood through our veins,
And with no wounds can still be spilled,
As we try to push away,
A thing  that we can’t kill.
A heart is useless if not our own,
It gets lost in another’s direction,
And if we depart from who we are,
Does that fact escape our detection,
Though the heart possesses no voice,
Is there some way we can know,
Can the heart give us signs,
Something more that it can show.
Though a heart may be broken,
And its pieces scattered through time,
There’s a light that always lives,
If we consider it no crime,
With eyes closed, use your heart,
With no eyes it still can see,
The things we found are real my love,
If we both will make them be.
       Only you!



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