The Way

To Marcy Howard

Every day without you, is another day for our heartbreak,
There has to be a way to you, but I wonder what it will take,
What the path just might be, there’s no real way to tell,
I guess we both carry our pain, so no one sees our hell,
The path might lead through mountains, or through the pouring rain,
Darkness can not hide the way, though at times it hides our pain.
I accepted you as you are, now do the same for me,
We both saw something real, though hearts have no eyes to see,
Our hearts took us this far, our hearts matches have been found,
But in the pasts bony grip, love makes not a sound,
My forever lives with you, tomorrow lives in our eyes,
As the clock slowly ticks, would you rather that love dies.
I am not a perfect man, both of us have flaws,
But WE is the only way, love can play instead of pause,
I owe you who I am, though there isn’t any debt,
But I refuse to pretend, and live in self regret,
Every day you live your life, without you I’m not alive,
So I will assault the barriers, and let our hearts decide.
With you there is tomorrow, in your eyes I see my light,
Its the heart that tells me, and its in my dreams at night,
I know you feel the same, there is no doubt you do,
With you I can see the sky, and there’s only love for you,
We’re confused by all that’s said, but if I breath you’re loved today,
And every time you think of me, I love you is what I say.



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