A Flip of the Coin

to Marcy Howard

A coin can land on heads or tails, always there’s a chance,
That it can land on not alone, it can land on another dance,
Pain and pleasure are intertwined, just as love and hate,
The side on which we have nothing, or the side on which we wait,
If we take something perceived as good, but we make it something worse,
Does holding on to something good, become a benefit or curse.
Pain and pleasure are things we feel, yet which one do we hold,
And with the fine line between love and hate, is that memory warm or cold,
The coins reversed every day, we live with light and dark,
And as memories remind of the past, do they leave a telltale mark,
We live each day with good and bad, we live in darkness and in light,
And if someone else says it’s wrong, does it really mean it’s right.
Heart and mind always fit in, yet which one really drives,
The one that knows it’s match is found, or the one waiting for it to arrive,
Can we apply this reasoning to a dream, or is it just pure fantasy,
A thought that may not come to life, yet with you it’s alive for me,
So many things we can debate, as we weigh our life’s bad and good,
Yet if we listen to other’s words, are we doing all we could.
Every emotion that comes and goes, has another side,
But just because it’s pushed away, doesn’t mean it can be forced to die,
The things it is I found with you, are things I can’t let go,
And you can push all you want, the coin shows what I need to know,
The coin when flipped in the air, always lands on you,
You’re the missing part of me, and the other side of me, is you.
       Only you!!!!!!



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