To Marcy Howard

Today does not seem to be,
As good as yesterday,
Especially when the memories,
Obstruct our path today,
The relics of the pasts events,
Are scars that control the speed,
Of the blood that freely flows,
From the wounds that daily bleed.
You hold this heart in your hands,
Yet pretend you do not care,
Yet your eyes expose the lie,
Nor does that unseen tear,
But all the things the night exposes,
I know you feel as well,
While I embrace the things we found,
And we both embrace this hell.
Every day that passes by,
There are moments in which I know,
That the scars which I carry,
You’re afraid will show,
No matter what you say or do,
No matter where we may go,
The things I feel in your arms,
Are the things I need to grow.
My oasis in this desert,
Is the moments I hold you,
And no matter what tomorrow brings,
I believe in all you do,
The desert sands may blow around,
Rain might pour from the sky,
And my oasis in this desert,
Is alive inside your eyes!
      Only you!



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