Cascades of light filter down,
Through a canopy of leaves,
The forest floor filled with spotlights,
A stage that somehow deceives,
A path is seen through the shadows,
We see it’s twists and turns,
The sunbeams seem like fires,
But there’s nothing they can burn.
Soon the sun’s hidden by clouds,
And the spotlights disappear,
The forest’s shadows lengthen,
In a storm we can not hear,
The clouds seem like a curtain,
As the forest takes a bow,
Soon it’s scene will be altered,
It’s life disappears somehow.
Rays of light are there then gone,
The spotlight’s emphasis is changed,
And as light shines then disappears,
The shadows are re-arranged,
When the sunlight reappears,
We see flashes of emerald green,
Yet when the sunlight takes a bow,
Only darkness is seen.
A breeze stirs the forest’s floor,
Causing leaves to dance and sway,
Here and there flowers dance,
As if they have something they need to say,
Light reflects back and forth,
As the sun is there then gone,
And as the minutes slowly pass,
Nature’s stage there all along.
Movement is a tentative thing,
It’s there then all is still,
We grow to expect the sunlight’s rays,
As if they have their own will,
The stage is set for memories,
We’ve been this way before,
And as we emerge in a spotlight,
Can love shine down once more.
Love might come but it does not go,
If thought gone it will re-emerge,
And in the forest’s cool embrace,
Love is always more than an urge,
The heart holds on to every step,
Love is the rays of light,
And if heart and soul are troubled,
Even in shadows love is right.

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