There are times we can’t see the reasons,
And there are times we can’t hear the rhyme,
There are times we can’t see tomorrow,
And times I believe this heart’s still mine,
Times when real is a fantasy,
Times when fear reaches from the past,
Times when everything looks the same,
Times when memories are shadows cast.
There are times when nothing seems to work,
Times when a smile seems something fake,
There are times when all we do is give,
And times when there’s nothing left to break,
There are times that lead to tomorrow,
Yet there are times that lead away,
There are times when we can’t keep quiet,
And times there’s nothing we can say.
There are times only filled with pain,
A relic of days gone by,
And there are times the eyes reveal,
That happiness is a lie,
There are times with pouring rain,
And there are times with skies of blue,
And there are times that bring a smile,
While there are times I think of you.
There are times I miss you badly,
But there are times it doesn’t show,
There are times I hold on gladly,
With the times when loneliness grows,
There are times that life is grains of sand,
And times when those grains blow away,
There are times we easily remember,
And there are times that our memories stay.
There are times that life seems empty,
Yet there are times when our lives are full,
There are times our lives are full of light,
But there are times when darkness pulls,
There are times that we wish we could,
While there are times we’re glad we don’t,
There are tomes we’re filled with wonder,
Yet there are times we’re glad we won’t.
There are times our dreams seem real,
Times when there are emotional shadows cast,
There are times we grasp our futures,
With times we can’t let go of the past,
There are times we look to our futures,
While there are times we think we should,
There are times when the only thing we need,
Is to believe we actually could.

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