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Towards Solid Ground


A swirling mass holds our hopes and dreams,
Does it only exist somewhere inside,
As the outside world looks on,
With it’s sight somehow denied,
The only thing they’re allowed to see,
Is the facade of our construction,
Failing to realize as they watch,
It’s the result of hearts abduction.
A loving person now dead and gone,
Revealing the path into tomorrow,
Yet accepting that it’s the way to go,
Becomes lodged behind guilt and sorrow,
Parts of us we can not find,
They’re somehow hidden among the pieces,
As love becomes a weightless load,
That each day somehow increases.
Dreams become a place that’s real,
A place of harmony not discord,
And though loneliness becomes a sea of pain,
From ourselves that sea was poured,
Floating under moonlit skies,
The light dances across the waves,
And lost out on that endless sea,
We understand it’s love that saves.
On and on we float along,
Kept afloat by all we feel,
Dangerous storms seem to come and go,
As we’re propelled by emotions real,
Our hopes and dreams become solid ground,
Yet it seems so foreign and gray,
As we grow accustomed to the ups and downs,
And those thoughts that carry us away.
Love becomes a torrid wind,
That carries us across the sea of doubt,
And though the rain drops at times must fall,
Do we wonder what they’re about,
Whether clouds or clear blue skies,
It’s love that always remains,
The sea with it’s water and our tears,
Are the salt that leaves the stains.
The sun awakens above the horizon,
And it sleeps somewhere in the night,
As the dream we seem to sail to,
Has love as it’s guiding light,
If love resides in a broken heart,
As the waves crash on the beach,
Though the currents may push us around,
Love is the solid ground we reach.

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