To Marcy Howard

It seems, that in this life, sometimes, the truth, is hard, to see,
The one, locked, inside of you, is also, inside me,
You, took, a broken man, gave me, a degree, of hope,
As I watch, my wife die, you, are, what helps me, cope.
I’ve, been judged, for many things, judgement, sometimes deserved,
As you, decide, what I am, the truth, is then, reserved,
I’ve been told, that I’m wrong, that love, is just for one,
But when, you watch, someone slowly die, it’s life, that I’ve won.
Some would say, that, it’s wrong, to love, not one, but two,
But they, have never, had the chance, to know, someone, like you,
I, have walked, a lonely path, I guess, it was my choice,
And all the answers, that I’ve found, are locked, inside your voice.
As, one woman, leaves, this world, can I depend, on someone, new,
Happiness, doesn’t die, with the one, it lives, inside, the two,
At times, I’ve been asked, how do you, stand, the pain,
But I, am comforted, by the thought, two loves, is not insane.
Yes.my wife, gave me love, but she, led me, to you,
And no, I am not, ashamed, to love, not one, but two,
Happiness, becomes, a choice, and  at times, is hard to find,
If you listen, to the world, love’s only, in your mind.
I hold on, to the fact, that love, is never wrong,
One woman, gave me the music, while the other, wrote the song,
And if, you want, to judge me, think, of what, I’ve been through,
Not only, do, I love the one, Marcy, I love the two
                         I LOVE YOU



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