Warmth Within

To Marcy Howard

A coldness now lives in the air;as the miles, slowly, slip by,
And each step, on this trail;leaves tears, frozen, in the eye
Hours and hours, hoping to see;a figure walking, towards me
But, each snowflake, surely shows;the question, where is she.
There are, no aches or pains;even though it’s cold,
A fire burns deep within;emotion, on which, to hold,
Wildlife, appears, then is gone;trying, to find heat,
Yet happy, with all, they find;no loneliness, to defeat.
Each step, brings, a memory;of two, walking hand in hand,
Over trails, along cool streams;with, nature’s few demands,
The cold, weeds out people;they’re, more comfortable, at home,
And every, lonely walk I take;to the world, is unknown.
The snow, slowly, intensifies;but the walk, is not yet done,
The same steps, that we walked;from where, it was begun,
Cold and snow, don’t change a thing;they’re just, an outside, effect,
For my heart, holds, her heat;even though she might, reject.
Marcy, I need you;you’re my angel, you’re my soul,
I need you, in my arms; I need you, to make me whole,
And every mile, that, I walk;is a place, with you, I’ve been,
Memories of you, keep me warm;love needs your warmth within.
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