We Are

To Marcy Howard

I might be the monster, underneath your bed,
Or I may live in the nightmares, projected by your head,
You may see me in a thunderstorm, or hear me in the night,
I may haunt every waking hour, or live without your light,
I’m the voice that whispers to you, when you’re tired and alone,
I’m the thought that haunts your mind, as we pretend we were’nt shown.
I live in the memories, that we try to push away,
Or I might live in that coffer cup, that you sip from every day,
I might be a lot of things, but here’s what you are to me,
You’re the devil that haunts my dreams, yet the angel who sets me free,
Your voice is now my music, your picture my guiding light,
That chases away the darkness, that holds me every night.
You’re in every sip of coffee, that each morning starts my day,
You’re the dream I have each, you’re the music I won’t play,
Every time I walk the trail, you are by my side,
You’re in every step I take, you’re the pain I try to hide,
You live behind my blue eyes, you’re the stars in my sky,
You’re the life in this heart, and with you, at night I fly.
You are the dreams every night, you’re my hope and source of faith,
You’re the blood flowing through my veins, even though I wait,
You’re the paradise of my dreams, you’re my life’s warm white sand,
You’re the person that I love, that is in this writing hand,
You’re the inspiration, for these words I wrote,
You’re the woman that I need, through this darkness, you’re my light.
     Only you.



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