Wish I


I wish that I was able,
To make all my dreams something real,
That all those things I dream about,
Would become more than what I feel,
I wish at times when I walk,
The heart would cease it’s beat,
Maybe then the thoughts would end,
And the memories I could defeat.
I wish the dreams I have at night,
Wouldn’t leave me tired and spent,
That this heart could stop it’s longing,
That broken only meant bent,
I wish my bed wasn’t so cold and lonely,
That my arms held you near,
That my memories of your voice,
Were words whispered in my ear.
I wish I had tears left to cry,
Or at least they held some meaning,
That they watered the seeds of love,
Regardless of where the heart’s leaning,
I wish at times that I could forget,
What I hold each and every day,
But every day I’m glad I don’t,
And my memories have their way.
I wish that I could see your smile,
And see the sparkle in your eyes,
That every day I felt your touch,
That this smile wasn’t my disguise,
I wish I could walk hand in hand,
With the real you not some dream,
That we could drink our coffee together,
Mixed with french vanilla cream.
I wish all the things that I feel,
Could reach across time and space,
That I could see your smoldering eyes,
And look upon love’s face,
I wish I held you in the day times light,
As I do inside my dreams,
That holding you close was my reality,
Unaccompanied by my silent screams.
I wish that you could clearly know,
That the words we spoke were real,
That even through this time alone,
Love is still something we feel,
I wish this life held no pain,
Knowing love lives within my smile,
And for as long as I live and breathe,
My wish is to hold love all the while.

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