True to You

To Marcy Howard

There are days when I know,
You’re reading what I write,
And somehow I can feel your touch,
As tears blur your sight,
And though I try to write each day,
Blaming you just isn’t right.
Nothing I can say with words,
Is enough when it comes to you,
Or the things that I now feel,
With you my dreams came true,
Holding on to that hope,
That again, we’ll come through.
Hope may be a funny thing,
But it may be all we hold,
As all the castles that we built,
For some reason then get sold,
As the clock ticks its way,
To the day when we’re too old.
Nothing in this life can make,
An emotion such as this die,
Even though at times we wonder,
About the how’s and why’s,
Love is again a joyful thing,
It lives in both our eyes,
Eyes and hearts tell the truth,
Its the lips that tell the lies.
 I Love You.Really, truly I do.



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