Moments Here and There


I can see the past so clearly,
Though some events were long ago,
And through the fog that time creates,
Only love is allowed to grow,
Spring time showers pour water down,
To mimic our falling tears,
As screams echo through the night,
The product of all we fear.
I wish at times that I’d forget,
Though most times I’m glad I don’t,
Wishing that she’d rescue me,
Yet fearful that she won’t,
A river of tears flows within,
And it carries the heart away,
Holding for a moment in my arms,
The woman I held close yesterday.
Moments passed but still so real,
A love standing the test of time,
Moments etched in time and space,
At times thought to be a crime,
Does destiny hold out empty hands,
That the sands of time have burnished clean,
With the only question that comes to mind,
Is this what alone truly means.
Is it possible to see only ahead,
To truly forget what lies behind,
But that’s not how love really works,
Forgetting isn’t part of it’s design,
Even though a heart might feel broken,
I can not force love to leave,
Trust me I’ve tried many times,
Yet each morning the heart still believes.
Fault or blame is just useless,
It never changes the fact,
That even in a sea of pain,
Heart and mind still need her back,
Every night I tell myself,
Finally the feeling’s gone,
But then the dreams that visit me,
Scream that thought is wrong.
With the mind traveling in circles,
The heart still holds you close,
There is no degree applied to love,
No question of least or most,
Every morning when I awake,
I’m filled with an echoing song,
I found you is the tune I hear,
Within my choices right or wrong.

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